The Traditional Latin High Mass Illustrated by Pictures

The Traditional Latin High Mass Illustrated by Pictures
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Full Color Tour of the Missa Cantata

64 pages, 8.5" x 11", laminated cover, pages lay flat, full-color interior ink.

This photo book provides a complete catalogue of the Traditional Latin High Mass in high quality digital color photographs. A help to priests and altar servers alike.The accompanying text describes the actions of the Priest, the Master of Ceremonies, the Thurifer and Boat-bearer, the Acolytes and the Crucifer. Over 400 color photos of the Missa Cantata (the Sung 'High' Mass) in sequential order.

Table of Contents
3 Reverence in the House of God4 Hand Positions4 Bowing and Genuflecting
5 Ringing of Bells
5 Liturgical Kisses6 Thurible and Thurifer
6 Latin Pronunciation
7 Preparation of the Altar Boys
8 Preparation for the Priest8 Asperges Ceremony
12 Prayers at the Foot of the Altar
13 Incensation during the Kyrie
16 Incensation of the Altar Cross
17 Incensation of Relics
18 Incensation of the Mensa
19 Incensation of the Front of the Altar
20 Incensation of the Priest
21 Introit
22 Kyrie and Gloria2
5 Oration(s) and Epistle
27 Preparing for the Gospel
29 Singing the Holy Gospel
31 Sermon
32 Credo
34 Offertory Prep.
37 Offertory Incensation
39 Incensation of the Oblata
40 Incensation of Relics on the Altar and of the Mensa
41 Incensation of the Front of the Altar
44 Sanctus
45 Canon of the Mass
50 Pater Noster
51 Domine non sum dignus
53 Communion of the People
54 Ablutions
55 Transfer of the Missal Stand…
59 Last Gospel
60 Recessional and Return to the Sacristy
64 Appendix: High Mass without the Asperges Ceremony

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