Miniature Suite for Organ, Healey Willan

Miniature Suite for Organ, Healey Willan
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16 pgs., 8.5" x 11"

Healey Willan has gifted organists with six reputable organ works in his composition of his Miniature Suite for Organ, HWC 148. This music, reminiscent of the organ writing of Rheinberger and Mendelssohn, is very charming. With good counterpoint, well-formed melodies, and superb harmonisations, Willan's Miniature Suite for Organ provides organists repertoire which is always useful, beautiful, and never tires. The organist's library is incomplete without Willan's Miniature Suite for Organ.

1) Prelude, in E flat
2) Scherzo, in B minor
3) Communion, in C
4) Trio, in D minor
5) Intermezzo, in G
6) Finale, in E flat
The "Prelude" has thirty-two measures, is in ternary form, and is written for four voices. It is marked andante moderato e sostenuto and begins imitatively on a short motive ascending scale-wise in sixteenth-notes. The first section is eleven measures long and in its repetition is identical except for the first measure. The contrasting section is ten measures long and consists of material of a quiet character which is less active rhythmically than the outer sections.

The "Scherzo" is marked allegretto; it is piquant and quite possibly the most attractive movement of the Suite. The right hand has the principal motive which is imitated intermittently in the left hand over staccato pedals in eighth-notes. The form of the " is ternary; the outer sections have twenty-three measures (a twenty-fourth measure in the repetition is for the final chord), and the middle section has twenty measures. It is quiet and sustained, is marked poco meno mosso, and indicates registration for the celeste stops. 
The movements "Communion" and "Intermezzo" are simple but beautiful harmonized melodies. The former, marked adagio, is in binary form with a coda, totalling thirty-nine measures. The latter, marked andante con moto, is in ternary form with a coda and takes only twenty-three measures. 

The movement "Trio" is a separate entity, and its order in the Suite is between the two movements above. It is a sophisticated little piece, marked andante moderato, forty-six measures long and in fugato style. The subject is stated five times in four different tonalities, and there are numerous imitations made, several inverted, on its opening measures. 

The "Finale" is a vigorous little recessional, marked allgro con brio; it is fifty-four measures long and in three-four meter. The outer sections are identical (except for one minor deviation), the opening measures of which set the character for the piece. The middle section combines short imitative passages on a new motive with chordal material of the same character as that of the first section. The last two measures of the "Finale" are marked adagio, and it ends quite grandly at triple forte. 

Excerpt from "The Organ Works of Healey Willan" (pgs. 114-117 ) by Robert L. Massingham, August, 1957

Willan later arranged the "Scherzo" for String orchestra to be performed by the Toronto Symphony and conducted by Godfrey Ridout.

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