Jesu Dulcis Memoria, Nicholas White

Jesu Dulcis Memoria, Nicholas White
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4 pages, 8.5" x 11"

This meditative and plaintive motet for SATB choir, a capella, sets the lovely text, Jesu, Dulcis Memoria. The traditional Gregorian melody is employed in this new setting composed by Nicholas White. The timeless and memorable melody of Jesu, Dulcis Memoria is richly harmonized with a descant that floats heavenward.

Jesu, Dulcis Memoria is a celebrated 12th century hymn attributed to St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), Doctor Mellifluus ("the Honey-flowing Doctor"). The entire hymn has some 42 to 53 stanzas depending upon the manuscript. Parts of this hymn were used for the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, celebrated between the Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord and the Feast of the Epiphany. From this long poem the hymn Jesu, Dulcis Memoria was selected by the Church to be used at on the feast day for the Office of Vespers.  

Jesu, dulcis memoria,
dans vera cordis gaudia,
sed super mel et omnia,
eius dulcis praesentia.

Jesu, the very thought of Thee,
with sweetness fills my breast,
but sweeter far Thy face to see,
and in Thy presence rest.

Nil canitur suavius,
nil auditur iucundius,
nil cogitatur dulcius,
quam Iesus Dei Filius.

Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame,
nor can the memory find
a sweeter sound than Thy blest Name,
o Savior of mankind!.

Iesu, spes paenitentibus,
quam pius es petentibus!
quam bonus te quaerentibus!
sed quid invenientibus?

O hope of every contrite heart
o joy of all the meek,
to those who fall, how kind Thou art!
how good to those who seek!

Nec lingua valet dicere,
nec littera exprimere:
expertus potest credere,
quid sit Iesum diligere.

But what to those who find? Ah this
nor tongue nor pen can show:
the love of Jesus, what it is
none but His loved ones know.

Sis, Iesu, nostrum gaudium,
qui es futurus praemium:
sit nostra in te gloria,
per cuncta semper saecula.

Jesu, our only joy be Thou,
As Thou our prize wilt be:
Jesu, be Thou our glory now,
And through eternity.

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