The Cherry Tree Carol

The Cherry Tree Carol
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The Cherry Tree Carol has been a popular Christmas Carol text since the 15th century. Choirs will love to sing Nicholas White's new setting of The Cherry Tree Carol, and organists will appreciate the vigorous style of the organ part.



"The Cherry Tree Carol" tells a fanciful story of the Holy Family's journey to Bethlehem. On the way they stop at a garden with a cherry orchard. This imagery calls to mind Adam and Eve in Eden's Garden as mentioned in the Book of Genesis. The image of the orchard offering its fruit to Mary becomes even more fitting in light of evidence that the branch from which she plucks belongs to no ordinary tree. The cherry tree is a symbol for the "Tree of Life." Mary, as the new and perfect “Eve,” is being shown as worthy to partake of the "Tree of Life.

"Mary asks Joseph to pick her cherries. The anger that the carol ascribes to Joseph indicates his inner frustration over his inability to provide Mary's request. In the carol, the tree is far above him and he cannot get the cherries Mary wants. In a spiritual sense, Joseph knows that only Jesus, the new "Adam," is worthy to gain the fruits of redemption, symbolized in the carol by the cherries.

It is true that Adam and Eve’s departure from the Garden of Eden barred them and their posterity from the "Tree of Life." However, a rabbinic tradition has it that the last divine word that rang in the ears of Adam and Eve as they left the Garden of Eden was tashub (“You shall return!”). When Genesis 3:15, the Protoevangellium ("First Gospel") promises the human race a Redeemer (the New Adam, Jesus Christ), Scripture paints an image of the head of the serpent (Satan) being crushed under heel. Just as an infant stands upon his mother's foot held up by her hands, so Jesus stands upon the foot of Mary as His own footstool. With the mighty force of this Holy Child, Jesus crushes the serpent--the dragon with Mary's delicate heel.

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