Organist's Accompaniment for the Vatican Kyriale

Organist's Accompaniment for the Vatican Kyriale
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Modern Musical Notation for accompanying Gregorian Chant on Organ

Organists help the schola, choir and congregation to sing the Gregorian Chant Masses of the Vatican Kyriale by accompanying them. With Brager's accompaniment book in modern musical notation, singing the Chant Masses is much easier.

Plastic coil binding, lays flat, 8.5 x 11, softcover

The Gregorian Chant Kyriale is one of the greatest treasures of the vast musical heritage of Roman Catholics. Now back in print, the Organ Accompaniment to the Vatican Kyriale provides a lovely organ accompaniment book for the Gregorian Chant Kyriale (e.g., the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Ite missa est).

This is a must-have for organists who play for the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missale Romanum)!

First published in 1937, this organ accompaniment has in modern notation all of the standard Kyriale modes (I - XVIII), the Credo modes I-VI, and the Asperges (including one ad libitum) and Vidi aquam modes.

Featured at the back of the book can be handily found the various responses made during sung Mass (e.g., Dominus vobiscum, for the Preface, the Pater noster, etc.) in both solemn and ferial tone, and even the pontifical blessing as given when a bishop celebrates.

And for choirs that are not proficient enough yet to sing the propers of the Requiem without the help of the organ, Bragers generously provided the accompaniments for their propers and Kyriale and the other funeral functions; i.e.: the entrance of the casket into the church (Subvenite), the in Exsequiis (Miserere) absolution ceremony (Libera me, responses and Benedictus), and the concluding antiphon, In Paradisum.

Of course what Gregorian Chant organ accompaniment manual is complete without supplying some of the ad libitum modes for the Kyriale? Bragers succeeds here too admirably with cantus ad libitum modes for I - XI of the Kyrie, I - III and more...

Throughout the entire book, the organ notation is underscored by the Latin words, hyphenated under each appropriate note (which assists with proper pronunciation of liturgical Latin too). Fully indexed, all notations and text are in printed in black ink on medium stock paper to ensure durability, while the spacious plastic coil-binding gives the organist easy and quick access. This score lays flat.

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