Lace Alb with Red Inserts

Lace Alb with Red Inserts
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Classic Roman Style Alb with Red Inserts

The lace on the sleeves is 25 cm (9.8 inches) wide.

At the bottom of the alb the lace is 60 cm (23.6 inches).

Lightweight and "breathable" blend of cotton (55%) and polyester (45%), easy to clean and iron, this classic Roman style alb is finished around the neck with a white cotton ribbon to tie at the neckline. 

Measuring for your Alb

Available Sizes
Alb Length
Alb Length
Fit Height
Fit Height (inches) Fit Length
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Length
125 cm  49"  150 cm  59"  4'11"  71 cm  28"
130 cm  51"  156 cm  61"  5'1"  73 cm  29"
135 cm  53"  162 cm  64"  5'4"  76 cm  30"
140 cm  55"  167 cm  66"  5'6"  78 cm  31"
145 cm  57"  173 cm  68"  5'8"  80 cm  31"
150 cm  59"  179 cm  70"  5'10"  83 cm  33"
155 cm  61"  184 cm  72"  6'0"  85 cm  33"
160 cm  63"  190 cm  75"  6'3"  88 cm  35"
165 cm  65"  196 cm  77"  6'5"  90 cm  35"
170 cm  67"  201 cm  79"  6'7"  92 cm  36"
175 cm  69"  207 cm  81"  6'9"  95 cm  37"
180 cm  71"  213 cm  84"  7'0"  97 cm  38"

Laundering Your Alb

1) When you launder your alb, we suggest that you remove the fabric inserts which are underneath the lace. Removing the fabric inserts is easy, as these are attached by snaps.

2) In washing the fabric inserts, we recommend you hand-wash these separately with a gentle detergent. Rinse well. All these to air-dry.

3) We recommend you hand-wash your alb (with the fabric inserts removed) with a gentle detergent. If you choose to wash your alb in a washing-machine, we suggest that you use the "gentle" or "delicate" cycle.

4) In washing your alb (with the colored fabric inserts removed), use a gentle detergent. If using bleach, we suggest that you use only a non-chlorine, color-safe bleach in the laundering process. Chlorine bleach may not be used.

5) In drying the alb, do not use a machine dryer. Rather, hang it up or lay it out horizontally to air-dry.

6) Before reinserting the colored fabric inserts you may iron the poly-cotton fabric of the alb (steam or dry) at a medium setting (150°C, 300°F). Spray-starch may be used if desired.

7) When you iron the lace portions of your alb, we recommend that you do not exceed a temperature of 40°C (100° F).

8) When you iron the colored fabric inserts, we recommend that you do not exceed a temperature of 40°C (100° F).

9) After washing and ironing, re-insert the colored fabric portions using the easy-to-use snaps.

*This item is custom made to order and will take up to six weeks for delivery. You order will be shipped and insured for free within the U.S. There will be additional shipping and insurance charges due for orders outside the U.S.

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