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The Latin Mass Companion

6" x 9", 152 pages

Increase your appreciation for the beauty and richness of the Holy Mass with The Latin Mass Companion, a beautifully illustrated missal that will help you to rediscover the power of the Holy Sacrifice, and equip you to follow the admonitions of Pope St. Pius X and Venerable Pope Pius XII to “Pray the Mass!” 

Affordable, easy to use, and exquisitely illustrated, The Latin Mass Companion includes prayers and readings for each Sunday and Holy Day of the year. The 152-page missal features classic images as well as new illustrations of the priest and altar server that help you to link the prayers of the Mass with the action at the Altar.

The Latin Mass Companion is valuable for: 

  • Devotion
  • Evangelization 
  • Newcomers to the Latin Mass
  • Home and family
  • Parishes, retreat houses, and parochial schools
  • Altar boys
  • Travel

| Lisa Marie Coppoletta 17-11-2020 15:14

I started attending Saint John Cantius online about two weeks ago. Ive found the Latin Masses have done something very powerful in my life. After receiving the book yesterday, I followed along with this mornings Mass. I was literally in tears as the book is very easy to use and was very empowered to be able to understand what was going on and follow the book with no difficulty. Thank you for your online Masses and this resource. The illustrations are beautiful and the book is perfectly organized. Thank you to the Priests who conduct both forms of Mass online for those of us on lockdown. Ive searched for months for online Masses after purchasing the Father Lasance missal. After attending Adoration in person, that very night found Saint John Cantius Church online. This book is one of the best investments Ive ever made in my life for strengthening and understanding my Catholic faith. Thank you for creating this book.

| Father Karl A. Claver 22-10-2020 20:19

This is a very handy and practical missal for the faithful who attend Sunday Mass. Unlike the popular red and green booklets which have limited propers, this missal has the Sunday and Holy day propers in English. Benediction prayers and hymns, as well as prayers for thanksgiving after Mass are also included. This is a very worthwhile book to have, especially for the faithful who do not want to buy an expensive missal. I highly recommend this great book which hopefully will lead to a growth in attendance to the Tridentine (Extraordinary Form) Mass.

| Ziggy 06-10-2020 21:45

Very easy to follow. Great companion at every Mass.

| Gregory Leo Phillip Manglitz 24-09-2020 17:30

Wow simple and elegant . Thorough from beginning to end for all my Sunday Masses.

| Carol 24-09-2020 14:59

I am so happy to have found this book. It is very easy to follow along at the Latin Mass and having the Sunday and Holy Day propers is a bonus. The one thing it lacks is having the postures of when to stand, kneel and sit printed as most other Latin missals have.

| Anonymous 22-09-2020 19:26

Very good and helpful! Used it this past Sunday. Thank you for this! Love the pictures and the prayers in it too.

| Alex 19-09-2020 19:04

One of the best Latin Mass companions out there! It is very easy to follow and the propers and readings in the back are a bonus. I can't reccomend this enough.

| Danielle 19-09-2020 08:09

I'm able to follow the livestream better using this than I was able to follow the Mass in-person with the previous guide I used. It's worth the purchase.

| Fr Uhlenkott 18-09-2020 19:21

Very nice. People who use it for my Masses love it compared to the red book. Very nice. They say it's less confusing to follow, love the included propers, and the aesthetic beauty of the layout and art

| Peter Norton 17-09-2020 16:28

My wife and I love these missals. Very beautiful, easy to follow, a nice size, and affordable. Because they're so affordable we're not too worried about them getting torn by our toddlers.

| Andy Katherman 17-09-2020 13:33

This is a great, beautiful, lightweight, and handy missal. I have a Fr. Lasance issal which I love and purchased from Biretta Books. This has a different "utility" in that it is so handy and "minimalist" (in a good way). I see this as being a great "parish" missal a Church could use in the pews instead of the mix of the "red book" for Sundays (since it doesn't have weekday propers, etc). My only wish is that it would have an option to be offered in more of a hardback cover instead of the paperback. Love this!

| Adam 17-09-2020 13:04

I love this book! I wanted a daily Latin Missal, but it was too expensive and seemed too time consuming to use (for a beginner). This Biretta Companion is a perfect substitute. It is an easy to follow guide to the Mass and Holy Day readings and propers. The illustrations are beautiful and having the adoration prayers in the back is an added bonus. The only thing I would request in a future edition is a few more prayers for before and after Mass, but for $15 I cannot complain. Thank you for this great resource.

| Chester Paul Sgroi 17-09-2020 11:10

A very clear, concise well written companion guide to help guide one through the beautiful Church treasure of the Latin Mass. I only wish I had found this beautifully illustrated publication earlier. Many thanks to all those who made this valuable guide possible.

| Cecile 17-09-2020 02:02

Great book especially for beginners like me. Beautiful cover with easy to follow illustrations. Highly recommended for young and old.

| Krista 17-09-2020 01:50

My family and I "converted" to the Traditional Latin Mass a little over a year ago from the Novus Ordo. Each of us carries a leatherbound Missal with all the readings for the year, but I wanted a small one for guests who go to Mass with us; this Missal is perfect for guests, but we may end up using this on Sundays! The art on the cover and inside the missal is beautiful, as is each detail from the font to the lovely detail of borders on some pages. This is a wonderful Sunday and Feast Day missal that seems much easier to navigate than a thick missal like the 1962 although that is the one I use and love because it includes all the readings. The Latin Mass Companion is just that-a great companion for Mass and a wonderful resource for such a great price! Like others, I highly recommend this missal!

| Meg 17-09-2020 01:11

Could not recommend more highly. As someone who has been away from the Latin Mass for some decades, this book made it extremely easy to return.
The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius are to be commended for creating such a blessing for us all.

| Karim 17-09-2020 01:00

Beautiful! I highly recommend it, it has the Sunday readings. It will help me a lot following Mass. God bless!

| Carl j. 16-09-2020 23:09

An excellent companion to following and praying the Traditional Latin Mass.
Beautifully illustrated and informative.
Highly recommend.....

| Paul 16-09-2020 22:57

Very well presented work on the beauty, tradition, and reverence of the Latin Mass- highly recommended. God bless all

| Caleb Varghese 16-09-2020 22:55

I was just received into the Church, and happened to get baptized, confirmed, and receive first communion in the Tridentine Rite. Although I had been attending Low Mass everyday from before hand, I still didn't know all too much about the prayers said, or what would be happening at a Missa Cantata. This book was great! The pictures were beautiful, and made everything much easier to follow. Having the Sunday Readings is an added bonus too! Would definitely recommend!

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